Monday, December 6, 2010


oh!!...oh!!...oh!!!.... msti SONE kt luar cne suke dngr lgu "oh!" kn....Girl' s Generation @ lebih dikenali sbagai snsd...dyeorg  mmg famous kt korea , jepun,taiwan n cina... selain brbakat dyeorg pown cantek2....dyeorg ni ad 9 rg ahli...tae yeon, yoon a,yuri,soo young,tiffany,jessica,sunny,seo hyun n hyo yeon........ dyeorg ni gak d gelar beautiful leg... kalo pic dyeorg msti dyeorg pkai skirt @ shortpant coz kaki dyeorg cntek2....dlm group ni yg rmai org mnat mstila yoon a n yuri... coz dyeorg cantek...  rmai org yg sye tnye n dyeorg kate dyeorg mnat yoon a n yuri...da tngk mv "hoot" x??? imej dyeorg dlm 2 ala2 retro... sye x tau ape motif siwon dlm mv 2....yoon a plak slalo d kontroversikn dngn siwon... dyeorg mmg sesuai... sye suke tngk jessica dlm mv "super girl"(suju M)... nmpak mcm pompuan yg jahat ... cian hangeng(suju)....

Profile SNSD

Stage Name: TaeYeon (태연)
Birth Name: Kim Tae Yeon (김태연)
Group Position : Leader & Main Vocalist
DOB: March 9, 1989
School: Jeonju Art High School
Hobbies : Swimming

Stage Name: Jessica (제시카)
Birth Name: Jessica Jung Soo Yeon (제시카 정)
Korean Name: Jung Soo Yeon (정수연)
Group Position : Main Vocalist
DOB: April 18, 1989Sibling : 
Sibling : Younger Sister (Krystal)
School: Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated

Stage Name: Tiffany (티파니)
Birth Name: Stephanie Hwang (스테파니 황)
Korean Name: Hwang Mi Young (황미영)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
DOB: August 1, 1989
Hobbies : Flute
School: Korea Kent Foreign School, Graduated, Middle School - South Pointe (US), High School - Diamond Bar (US)

Stage Name: Seo Hyun (서현)
Birth Name: Seo Joo Hyun (서주현)
Nickname : Maknae, Seororo
Motto : If your dream is alive, then one day it will come true.
Group Position : Lead Vocalist
DOB: June 28, 1991
School: Daeyoung High School
Casted: 2003 SM Casting System

Stage Name: YoonA (윤아)
Birth Name: Im Yoon Ah (임윤아)
Nick names : Deer Yoona, Him Yoona (Strength Yoona), Goddess Yoong, Yoong
Motto : Be confident in everything
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
DOB: May 30, 1990
School: Daeyoung High School, 2nd Year
Casted: 2002 SM Saturday Open Casting Audition

Stage Name: Sunny (써니)
Birth Name: Lee Soon Kyu (이순규)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
DOB: May 15, 1989
Hobbies : Swimming, Video Games, Sports
Interests : Music, Fashion, reading magazines, dancing, singing & shopping.
School: Baehwa All-Girls High School
Casted: 2007 SM Casting System

Stage Name: SooYoung (수영)
Birth Name: Choi Soo Young (최수영)
English Name: 썸머 Summer
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist
DOB: February 10, 1990
School: Jungshin All-Girls High School
Casted: 2000 SM Open Audition
2002 Korea-Japan Ultra Idol Duo Audition

Stage Name: YuRi (유리)
Birth Name: Kwon Yu Ri (권유리)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist & Lead Dancer
DOB: December 5, 1989
School: NeungGok High School, Graduated (2008)
Casted: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest <Best Dancer, 2nd Place>

Stage Name: HyoYeon (효연)
Birth Name: Kim Hyo Yeon (김효연)
Group Position : Supporting Vocalist & Main Dancer
DOB: September 22, 1989
School: 2004.3~8 Studied Mandarin Chinese in Beijing, China
Casted: 2000 SM Casting System